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Specialist in Calicut, Kerala.



Hello! My name is Mithun Mohan, a professional freelance Digital marketing specialist in Calicut. To my credit, I hold an MBA degree in Marketing from ICFAI University. Further, I have polished my skills in Digital Marketing under the guidance of the industry-leading pioneer academy cum agency the Calicut digital academy. Moreover, I have experience in Search engine optimization, SMM, Content marketing, Web design, and Email marketing. With my Skills, I would help you to reach out to the audience and deliver results that would add immense value to your business.

To my knowledge, I do recognize that Digital marketing is a dynamic cum ever-changing field and there is always a need to stand out. The approach and strategies that I follow include the collaboration of ideas. Further, the business objective should be clear so as to achieve the desired results.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is set to enhance the reach of the products or services to the targeted audience. In the  business perceptive, it is essential to stay ahead of the competition. Further, for increasing the revenue, expanding the business, and increasing the market share there is practically no other alternative.


SEO Freelance Digital marketing remote consultant in Calicut

Search engine optimization (SEO) increases the visibility and ranking of a website. Further, the aim is to get quality traffic preferably organic traffic. As a Freelance Digital marketing specialist, I believe that SEO is useful in ensuring that the website is ranked at the top of the search results and aids in attracting more visitors.

SMM Freelancer in Digital Marketing Calicut-remote

Social media marketing provides rampant opportunities for promoting a brand, product, or service. The goal is to engage with potential customers and build an interaction. Further, for Digital marketers, Social media is an effective and reliable method to reach out to vast audiences.

Web design and development specialist in Calicut near me

A suitable Web design is essential for creating the functional and visual elements of a website. It is expected to have a pleasing, responsive, SEO-friendly website that ensures maximum reach and better results.

SEM Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist near me-Calicut

Search engine marketing is the paid method of promoting a website. The goal is to bid on keywords and the most relevant keyword that matches the contents of the website is often selected.  For businesses that are new and want quick attention, this is an ideal solution. 

Content Marketing Freelancer specialist in Kozhikode remote

Content marketing is the creation of unique content that attracts and retains the targeted audience.  The content can be blog posts, articles, social media posts, and more. Further, I acknowledge that trust or authority is built through quality content while long-term strategy requires consistent efforts.    

Email Marketing Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist in Kerala

E-mail marketing can be used to promote products or services through invitations, offers, or newsletters. Further, segmentation of email, appealing content, and unique marketing tools help track the campaigns. The success lies in the optimized campaigns, budget rates and better delivery.      




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    In the Present business scenario, Digital marketing is an essential aspect that allows engagement with the target audience. Moreover, it is cost-effective and has a wider reach at an affordable cost. To sustain competition and grow every business enterprise is recommended to have an online presence.

    The benefits of digital marketing are numerous. It creates better brand awareness with global reach at a minimal cost. In addition, there is flexibility, improved targeting, and measurable results. 

    Social media is the key channel to engage with the audience in the present era.  This platform effectively distributes content and builds customer relationships and royalty which directly influences the business. Further, it is also an opportunity to respond to customer inquiries in real-time.  

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